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Medication Assistance for Alabama Tornado Victims - State of Emergency has arranged for to offer financial assistance to Alabama Tornado Victims Who Find Themselves Unable to Pay for Their Prescription Medications.
Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) May 4, 2011

The devastating tornadoes and storms in Alabama killed more than 230 residents and left thousands homeless. Since Alabama has been declared a state of emergency, there are thousands of residents who are without their vital living necessities and life-saving medication.

Victims lost current medication stocked in there medicine cabinets. Victims also suffered injuries as a result of the storms and require extra medical attention and medication either for physical or mental health reasons. Unfortunately, some health insurance companies limit medication dosage restocking or will not cover the cost for extra prescriptions, even those that have been lost.

But, (PA) assists patients with access to free manufacturer medication programs and, offers free prescription drug discount coupons and cards, and is providing prescription drug assistance to Alabama tornado victims who are in need of medication. PA has increased the number of discount coupons available to those affected by the tornadoes in order to ensure that the medical needs of Alabama residents are being met. Patients, Churches, Medical providers, Employers, Government officials, or any entity that wishes to receive and help distribute coupons or cards may call 225-229-3085 (Rex) to request immediate shipments or email [email protected] or fax requests to 225-273-2652 to Rex C. Bowden Executive Director.

Tornado victims who are unemployed, un-insured, under insured and have met their insurance limits for prescription medication can benefit from prescription discount coupons. Even victims without a residence or mailing address can receive a free prescription drug coupon.

Coupons and cards are instantly activated online, can be printed instantly or are available via any mobile phone and coupons and cards automatically repeat savings on all refills and have no deductibles, waiting periods or pre-existing exclusions. Almost anyone can qualify for discount prescriptions.

Discounts on prescription medications vary and can range anywhere from 0 to 75 percent depending on the type of prescription, brand name, generic name and the location of the specific pharmacy.

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